Michael Roses (Paris, N.Y.C, SYDNEY),

Is one of the most unpredictable photographers of his generation. Self-taught photographer, he was never meant to put his hand on a camera.

Starting with landscapes, he decided to push his art forward and started following the work of fellow photographers, which led him to discover the "golden age" fashion photographers and their models.

This came as a revelation to him; fashion photography became his new obsession. 

Michael took most of his inspiration and influences from photographers such as Peter Lindberg, Mario Testino and Patrick Demarchelier.

October 2013 marked a big change, time has come to write his own story.

Michael took one dollar in his pocket and went to chase his dream in the big city of NYC, where he had the opportunity to work with some of the best agencies in town.

He found in NYC a sense freedom and the creativity he needed in Central Park, Brooklyn with its majestic bridges, Chinatown and Tribeca. NYC was the city where he found another form of photography, simple, limitless and humanly rewarding.

Michael’s work is easily identifiable; it mixes up many sides of his personality: his "joie de vivre", innocence and humility, which produce strong images.

Being a fan of natural light, which is according to him the most beautiful light for enhancing emotions and personalities, he bases his work on it to produce his lively pictures. 

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